To Love and to be loved

The purpose of my life is always about one true thing: LOVE! A place of Love is where I came from, where I am now, and where I will return. I remain always in Love. Coming into this embodiment, I have had many teachings to learn and many things to do. Love is the essence of all the teachings and all the doing. Love is the only thing going on in my life. Love connects me with the Divine, my friends, my family, my beloved, all sentient beings, and myself. Only when I focus on this purpose, to Love, does my Heart sing with joy!

The purpose of my life is to Love, to be a spiritual being in human form, so that I understand death is a transformation; life is eternal. I know I can travel in the light, dance with the energy, breathe God’s breath, and Love who I truly am.

The purpose of my life is to Love being in the form of the human body so I can feel what I feel: desperation and hope, sorrow and bliss, suffering and peace, separation and wholeness. Any painful experience only makes me Love myself and others more deeply.

The purpose of my life is to Love all the people passing through my life, those I know and those I do not. A warm glance, a simple greeting, I send Love from my Heart to their Hearts. I am always being lovingly present, no matter what it looks like out there or inside myself.

The purpose of my life is to Love my spiritual family and my friends. I give unceasing thanks to all the friends in my life. Falling in Love with each one, creating a pure, healthy relationship, I realize who they truly are as the Divine.

The purpose of my life is to Love my work. I remember what I came here to do: to Love. I simply hold a loving space for people to go through whatever their Soul agreed to do, inspiring them to remember their true selves and their life purpose.

The purpose of my life is to Love my birth family, to support them however I can so as to make their life easier and give them the opportunity to feel being Loved. I accept them fully for who they were and who they are. Not trying to change anything about them, just to Loving them unconditionally.

The purpose of my life is to Love my beloved, not only his light, but also his shadow. I hear his moans, as well as his laughter. I am drawn to his Divinity and his humanity. I accept him as whole. I give him the space and the freedom he needs for his spiritual growth. I understand he belongs to his Soul and his Soul belongs to the Divine.

The purpose of my life is to be Loved by the Divine, my Soul, my friends, my family, and my beloved. I receive Love from them gratefully and graciously. I am bathed in tears of joy from this overwhelming Love.

Because of Love, I am willing to take full responsibility for my life and all that I create. Because I Love myself, I can be truthful with myself and others. Because I live Consciously, I feel free. Grounded in these qualities, I live a peaceful and joy-filled life with only one purpose: to Love and to be loved.

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