Heart Of Mine

This is the heart of mine lyrics;

one day, you mayfind true love that will last forever and ever
’till then you’ll spend a lifetime wishing one together
you never thought she’d say goodbye
and you will never understand the reasons why

heart of mine, how can you keep from dying
stop reminiscin’, who is she kissing
heart of mine, oh what’s the use in tryin’
no one can mend you now

love plays cruel games you can’t believe she’s found another lover
does she miss me sometimes you just can’t help but wonder
no you can’t hold the hands of time
and you will always be the one she left behind

and you will always be the one she left behind
lalala…lalalala…no one can mend you now

To be honest, I always find this song absurd…sa tingin ko kasi wala namang puso na pwedeng makaramdam ng ganyan. I always thought that the heart is just another body organ and as such is still subject to what the brain dictates it to do. Kaya natatawa ako sa mga taong nagsasabi na hindi raw sila maka “move on” o masyadong iniisip yung sakit daw ng puso nila na idinulot ng ibang tao. Don’t misunderstand me, it’s not like I don’t emphatize with them. I do. Kaso ang thinking ko, ang emotion pwede mong diktahan. Pwede mong sabihin o ikundisyon ang sarili mo na maging masaya o malungkot depende sa gusto mo.

I didn’t know how wrong I was…Pwede mo lang palang masabi yung mga ganung bagay hangga’t hindi mo pa nararamdaman kung papano talaga ang masaktan…

Kung sa pag-iyak, napakababaw ng luha ko. I cry over a silly movie or a heart-wrenching story from a novel. I cry when I see a friend crying or if I find myself in a very touching moment…but that’s about it. Of all my twenty-six years here on earth, hindi pa ako umiyak ng dahil “heart broken” ako. Oh, of course I had my own share of relationships pero sa isang tao lang ako naging heavily involved, so to speak…I find it ironic that only the people we love are capable of hurting us so bad. In fact, I find it ironic that the word “heart” sounds-like “hurt”, much like “love” and “lust” are both one-syllable, four-letter words that begins with the letter “L”.

Mabalik tayo dun sa kanta na nasa taas… “heart of mine, how will you keep from dying”? How indeed?

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