Sometimes people needs to be broken to be healed

My friends gave me a letter they made specially for me, my bestfriend since we’re youngsters gave me a book, she knew from the start what had happened and what is the real thing, it says there:

Dont give up. Your wings may be a little damaged now, but you can still fly. You can still touch the sky. You’re hurt, but you can still dream. you can still try. you might have do things a little differently, but you can do them.

as you dodge these surve balls that are coming at you now, dont let anyone take away your hope, get you down, or make you give up. While you face these problems that touch the land mines in your soul, dont let them steal your power. Stay strong, encouraged,and hopeful.

Refresh your spirit with the lessons you’ve learned. this is just a passage you’re going through. You know your heart. You know who you are. There will be answers. be satisfied wth doing the best you can.

 When you’re down, dont stay there.

I’ve been through a lot of damage, a lot of confusion, a lot of extreme discouragement and embarassment. I strived hard to keep my life MINE but there are people who wanted to steal it, scatter it from the dirty world of the net up to my beloved family. have i done so much wrong? yes. have i cheated? yes. have i said foul words? yes. I’ve been bad, i’ve been open because THAT’s what i am. That’s how i feel like doing. it’s not like im naturally such a bad asshole, but because I KNOW what i’ve been doing, i know when and where to stop, and if ever i’ve been wrong and all. it’s all my fault. i may keep it with me or spread it out? it’s up to me. it’s mine. We all have our own mistakes, kanya kanyang faults yan. We should always remember that we’re not perfect. Before anyone of us judge ANY particular person, look inside you, seek deeper. ask yourself, “Have i done this?” “have i lied before?” “Have i cheated on the past?” 

I’ve lost people, i’ve lost courage and dignity. They shooed away every bits of my happiness. Those people that i’ve trusted had turned their backs on me. They’re like gods playing know-it-all. How courageous of them to speak out every wrong parts of my life. My mom herself knew every single thing, but have she done what all of u did? NO. because she understands. She has a heart that no one of you, people who have done the big mess, have and may not contain at all till u all suffer the way i did. My friends here in the philippines knew what happened, they knew i’ve been wrong, but yeah who cares? im not wrong all my life am i? lol. They knew me, from the day i learned to wear pants up to the day i’ve learned to curse it out. But how bout all of you? do you even know me? I am not saying im such an angel, i am clean. NO. i know my wrong doings, and i also know my rights. who on earth told anyone of you that when people wronged you, you’ve got instantly the power to ruin a quiet life? i mean it may not be perfect, it’s sad yeah poor me, but that doesnt give any authority for you to intrude it brutally, unheartedly. God gave us lives to live, heart that beats, brain that works. ALL EQUAL AND INDIVIDUALLY. it’s up to you if u might want to destroy it, or live it happy go lucky, or live it righteously. it’s yours. be contented with a single life, don’t intrude others’ being.

Imperfections. yes i got humongous amount of them, but none of you have to do actions as cruel as what you have planned. i wronged my life, NOT YOURS. i will correct my mistakes, NOT OF OTHER PEOPLE. the best thing to do is to hand out some advice, or better yet if u cant do so, you can keep quiet and let people live their lives.

i’m not putting this one up to trigger your evilness again. but to let all of you know that i will stand still, with my family. with my TRUE friends and with those people who knew me inside out. I had moved on. I am ready for whatever plan you had on me. you havent even seen me, or how im living my life 24/7 so judging me is way too much to put on your goals.

I’ve learned. I’ve learned to choose friends, to keep a private life, not to trust people that instantly. WE SHOULD ALL LEARN. If you trust a demon who portrays as an angel, once you bumped on it’s madness,  it will use every single secret you have entrusted to the entity. They are wise, they are evil. Clever beings they are.

” Sometimes people needs to be broken to be healed, live life and continue learning… “

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