Someone that had been gone

I love you and will not forget you…
Will always be your side..
I’ll wait for you..

The taste of unrequited love
You won’t understand this feeling
From the beginning there’s already someone with you
Proved that my love is only ignorant
You don’t understand my sorrow
It’’s something you will never experience

The pain that I go through for you you’ll never understand
Why should I force myself to love everything about you
While you persistently compel my defence
Silently counting my own tears behind closed doors
But I am still waiting foolishly for a miracle to appear one day
Until that day you’ll realize
The one who really loved you suffered alone

I thought I would regret
Dont wanna love too deep,surely infatuated
The first tear that fell for you
The changes in myself that are made for you
Cant call back your firmness towards me
The love you want,I cant learn to give
When tears fall,wounds also carry on
Breaking up is also another way of understanding
My last love to you is let you go..

The stain of love is also wiped away slowly by time
Dont want to use words to hold you back so I chose not to blame
Love is like a waiting platform
Someone comes,someone goes
My heart is like a signboard
Written with awaitment
Your dependence is still in my embrace
I cant push it away easily
I cant simply walk away

The person who concentrates most in love is easily hurt
what I can give you is not what you want, Many of the times thinking the
memory of you ,I felt like crying, Dont want any more restrictions,
dont want any more pain, Next time therell be a better road of love..
Looks like your memory just wont let me be…
This is the saddest that Ive ever been…
she is gone…the first love of mine…really sad..

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