My Friend in Love with a Guy who has a Girlfriend

Yesterday I met my friend because she called me and want to tell something about her complicated love life. Since I just came back recently in our country I decided to met her and having dinner. Let me share what she opened about, She said: 

Bhie,I ‘ve been single since 2 years you know that, after a long relationship and I’m looking out for dates with nice guys but it end up nothing until one guy came to my life…. 

He is 7 years older than me, someone i can get along better with the other guys.I always thought he didn’t really like me but in a on line conversation last month he confessed that he in fact was shy. He seems to be perfect for me. When we are together all we do is laugh and have a great time.

He has been heard saying to me that he’s having much fun whenever we do anything. The thing is…..during this friendship I have developed, of course the biggest crush on him. Crush doesn’t seem strong enough. I already love him as my friend but I am in love with him too. I can’t see him without thinking how wonderful of a couple we would make. And I can’t sit next to him with out wanting to kiss him. He already knows how I feel, and he does feel the same way about me.

I know he cares about me and that he does love me too. We have done just about everything a couple would do together.I was quite surprised with this confession, especially since he has been together with his girlfriend for 2 years. I really want to leave him while his talking but I can’t,coz there is something about him that push me to listen and to stay with him and try to understand him,’s really hard but gosh..i

BUT…he has a girlfriend.!!!!

Last week he talked about the issues with his girlfriend, while having our coffee together at starbucks.

I feel…………………???????????

But whenever I get near this guy I lose that inner voice that tells me this is wrong and I go through with it all anyway.

I hear the blunt truth from our friends, that he would never leave her for me. You need to start dating other guys. Once you find somebody that you really like you would have the courage to leave that guy who has a girl friend. Remember you will always be second if you stay with him. Some of them said if I really out my mind because they really know me when it comes to guys. blah..blah..blah..


I just don’t know how the rest of my life will be we never end up dating, or married as everyone thinks, since in life you are supposed to look for that person you can be with everyday for the rest of your life and who truly brings out the best in you. 

I already found mine and I can’t be with him

I would rather be alone then having to settle with someone that will give me half of the good times my friend has already given in a year…What I’m gonna do?I dont want to be the cause of their break up.?

I just can’t understand why I have met this truly perfect match for me and I can’t be with him, it is unfair. And as much as I love to hang out with him, it hurts me just as much.

I am just so confused and everyone tells me – well he cheated on her, he will on you, but for some odd reason I am willing to accept that.

I would just rather be his friend where he secretly grabs my ass and we both laugh then tell him I can’t do this anymore and lose him all together. 

First of all, unless you kidnapp someone you can’t “steal” them. If a guy want’s you then he’ll be with you. Simple as that. If someone is in a good relationship and he’s really happy, then there is NOTHING you can do to steer him in your direction. It goes the same with a guy wanting to be with a girl that’s already in a relationship. Unless the person you seek is interested in you, don’t bother. You will just be labeled as a girl/guy who can’t bag a person on their own.

The worst feeling is knowing how much you love someone…How much that Someone loves you back ..How perfect you are together …but for a Single Unaceptable Reason…You can Never be together…(‘.’) BUt No Matter how hard you Try not to,,You fall, and it’s scary as hell. But if there is one good thing about falling, it’s the CHANCE you gave others to CATCH YOU.……

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