Lovelife and Career

More busy than ever. getting too many projects and i can’t believe how i manage to handle most of the cases i have right now. some are so complicated that i’ve been working on them for over 30 days. but i guess, i can manage it fairly well. the others have more cases than i.

they say that lovelife and career can’t get along well. meaning if you’re doing well on one, the other will suffer. if the other one is running smoothly, the other would be rocky. they say that happiness is just a state of mind. perhaps they are right. but if it’s true, it just means that i never really had it this good.

I think we’re going out this week. just waiting for her to visit me at the office. it’s hard to keep myself from missing her everyday when we only get to see each other frequently due to our busy scheadule. we understand each other, so i guess that would not be the problem. having a budding relationship is not at all simple. but then it’s nice to discover new things about the person everyday.

You really don’t know what love is until you get to a point when you’re ready to trade ten years of your life for a single kiss; all your wealth for a single touch; or when you’re ready to leave someone you’ve been with for the last decade for a total stranger. love isn’t about the time you spent with someone or the challenges you’ve gone thru together. it’s about that rush of butterflies in your stomach or that single heartbeat which says, “i’d rather have a day with this person than spend an eternity with someone else…”

my say? you will never really understand something unless you are faced with the same type of situation.

~ Shakerules

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