Ranting on with a friend

This story is what we called barkada issue. Sometimes when things go wrong we blame each other faults but one thing I know for sure whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.

To my friend, I had this feeling since we last talked that you wanted to put the blame on me for what happened between you and your girlfriend. I am, of course, upset about it but I want you to know that it’s so unfair for you to blame me over what happened.

If your girlfriend has decided to end your relationship with you let me tell you that I had convinced her otherwise. She is, of course, saying that her decision is partly in connection of what I told to her brother. They asked me so I answer the question.

I already explained to her my side of things and I knew that she is inclined to believe her brother. Afterall, they’re family. What I can’t accept is for you to blame me as well over what happened. 

Didn’t you realize that it’s such an insignificant reason to break up with you? I hate to be blunt, but didn’t you realize that perhaps it’s just a reason she gave simply because she never really wanted to continue her relationship with you in the first place? 

As what my officemate said when I sought advice, “stop looking for reason why your friend’s girlfriend decided to leave him. There is no reason simply because there isn’t. It’s human nature to go deeper and seek answers because we want to make justification but, the only reason I could think of, is your friend’s girlfriend has long contemplated of leaving him. It’s just that she can’t find a reason to do so. When the incident with you happened, she made it an excuse to get off the relationship. “

It just so happened that you were in the line of fire, thus, the blame was put at your door. But don’t blame yourself because of it.”

What my officemate trying to say is, nakahanap sya ng butas para iwanan na yung friend mo. Ganun lang yun ka simple.

I hope in time, you’ll realize that she doesn’t love you that much. If she loves you, she won’t walk away no matter how many bad things she hear and no matter who say it. 

Remember, bro, “Kung gusto, may paraan. Kung ayaw, may dahilan.” But please, don’t believe that her reason to leave you is because of what I said. 

I want her to love you as you are. Kung talagang mahal ka nya. Tatanggapin ka nya kahit ano ka pa kahit ano pa ang nakaraan mo.

It’s absurd. She may have a deeper reason and that isn’t in my hands anymore. 

I hoped soon you realized what i’m trying to say. Friends will always be friends. No matter what.

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