♥ ever given too much of yourself to someone who didn’t deserve half of what you gave unselfishly [loyalty]

♥ ever regretted not giving enough to someone who deserved what you kept under a tight reign [trust]

♥ ever met a stranger that you found so familiar or spiritually inviting [passion]

♥ ever dreamt about someone while that person is lying right next to you [beauty]

♥ ever wished you could love the one who loves you the most- [reality]

♥ holds little compromises in the palm of life’s hand [truth]

♥ strangles possibilities and grinds lovers down to their knees in demand [jealousy]

♥ understanding is the key to adapting to change [pride]

♥ incessantly complaining about what you lack will not give you the result you are trying to attract [maturity]

♥ lessons are made when you can’t take back the time you frivolously spent [experience]

♥ if i could, i would give anything to memorize the freckles in your eyes [desire]

♥ take my heart out of the jar and spread a thick layer to cover up your scar [forgiveness]

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