Love is like having a cup of coffee


Life is like having a cup of coffee.
You sit by the window, lift the cup and take a sip.
Only to realize that somebody forgot to put sugar.
Too lazy to go for it, you somehow struggle to finish the bitter drink..
Afterwards, you discover undissolved sugar crystals sitting at the bottom..
That’s how life is, we sometimes forget to make the effort to value what is around us..
Look around, maybe the sweetness you are looking for is closer than you think.
Have your coffee and make it sweet!


I hate how coffee turns into an addiction and how it keeps you up all night..
How it burns and makes your heart beat fast..
Especially how it makes you crave for its rich and sweet promises of grains, milk and sugar..
Moments later, it puts you into a melancholic mood of coldness..
before you realize it, it has consumed you before you should have consumed it..
empty, hollow, bitter..
then again, you crave for another cup,
just like love… = )

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