Humans, as we are. we never get contented of anything.
We keep on wishing, wishing for things we do not have.
We keep looking for something that isn’t there.
We keep on wishing.
While others envy what we have.
Somebody else wishes they were in our shoes.
Somebody aspires to be someone else.
Someone wishes to be famous.
Someone wishes to be filthy rich and beautiful.
Some people just want to be loved,
they’d die just to be loved,
while others ignore the people who show
care and take them for granted.
Others want to be the person they want to be, but they cannot.
Some people just want to be normal, ordinary beings.
We can never stop wishing of something we don’t have.
We can never stop wanting the things we can’t have.
and then we see the value of things when it leaves our hands.
We appreciate and see someone’s worth, only at the time when they’ve finally left us for good.
We are so engrossed in making our wishes real, that we throw away whatever we have just to get these wishes of ours.
We realize later, that the things we used to have…
are really the ones that matter most.
but we can’t do anything since they’re already gone.
And then we regret…
“You don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone”
As the saying goes… we have to lose them, to know their value.
*sigh* The harsh realities of life.
but then again, Life must go on.

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