Morning Thoughts

When asked with a question that you don’t want to answer, it’s best to reply with another question. However, learn that this is not a good habit. Know how to say “no” than to keep the other person guessing.

Destiny can be changed with each decision and choices you make. But it is always better not to exert effort in finding out what Fate has in store for you. It’s not bad to be surprised every now and then, this is the reason why we are given free will and emotion. The first to make our own decisions, the second to suffer the consequences.

It’s best to be prepared to all eventuality than be caught unaware. Expect the unexpected and accept things you cannot change.

Surround yourself with people with whom you could learn something. However, choose only a few that you can trust. Be wary with those who tries to create impression that they are kind or nice.

Be joyful in giving. Never expect anything in return. Always remember that most people would only call on you if they need something.

A true friend never count the costs, never measure the hours, and never compare notes. Love is not option. You only feel it and follow where it leads you. No matter how you hide it, it will manifest itself thru your actions even if you deny it. Love is not a decision. You can never choose with whom you’ll fall inlove with. Life would have been much simpler if you could, but love itself will lose it’s magic.

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