When did loving someone become not enough?

So someone needs to answer me this question, “when did loving someone become not enough?” That is something I really need someone to answer for me. Through the past year I have put forth more effort then I have ever had to, to make my relationship work with the love of my life. Things aren’t sooooo bad but they definitely need some work. I have asked myself many questions like “do I need plastic surgery?” or “Do I need a better job to bring in millions?” I am unsure of what it is that I am doing wrong and I always get the same answer from my other half like “we looks good, no need to worry” But I have come to realize that we aren’t fine, whether I find out from someone else or her, things are’nt fine and I have no idea what I am expected to do anymore?!? I thought by giving one person everything I had and loving that person more then they have ever been loved it would be enough, but I am starting to realize and fast that it isn’t. I have loved, most of which I have left in the past due to issues and baggage they came along with and although we all have our own baggage I thought as an adult you work together to clear it up. See neither my girlfriend or myself have had a picture perfect life and we have both made horrible decisions in our past that we have worked through either together or alone. Constantly I am reminded of mine through past friends and acquaintances, and this poses as a problem. I don’t deal with things the way she does and now it is affecting our relationship…When is enough, enough? How do I know when I have went from the loving boyfriend to the piece of shit from the past? How do I prepare myself for what I know is just around the corner? For anyone who reads this blog, whether I know you or not, please leave a comment with your opinion (good or bad) so I can learn from it or change something…Your opinion matters.

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