Friends will be friends

Here’s an old adage which states that if a man can count the number of real friends he has on more than one hand, he’s a lucky man. Of course, my favorite witticism states that a friend will help you move while a true friend will help you move a body.

Throughout my life, I found what I thought were true friends, but just as many things do, they only served to make me more and more bitter until I ended up the cynical shell of humanity I am today. You all know the “friends” I’m talking about… the college or childhood friend forever who you haven’t seen or heard from since the night you both got busted for drinking underage by a parent; the work friend who has your back until review time because they want the same promotion; the friend you stupidly loan money to knowing you’ll never see it again.

And it may take years, sometimes decades, but we all finally gravitate toward our own. People who share common interests, common thoughts. We do find those friends even if we have to kick over several thousand friends in the search.

Several factors can lead to a lasting friendship… sharing a traumatic experience; being there for somebody even when you don’t know why you’re needed, just what are friend are; sometimes it’s just growing to know the other person a bit better and discovering that he or she isn’t necessarily the slime-ball you took them for.

My friends in Philippines… are irreplaceable. they know who they are… I wouldn’t trade any of them for an entire run of original Uncanny X-Men comics. They have all saved my life many times over… more than they, themselves, know.

A real friend are the one of those people you know where you stand with immediately. Friend who thinks nothing of answering my stupid questions as long as I have Cheetos to munch on. Some of them are more than just a friend, they are my mentor and a real teacher who has the patience of Job.

It also included my ex girlfriend. I have made it a point not to talk personally about anybody on this blog, I will never talk about my love life, who I’m dating, etc., because, honestly, it’s nobody’s business and I chose to write a blog, not whoever I’m with. My ex girlfriend has been the constant because she is my best friend up to now. We go out together, spending sometime with each other, talking some serious things like the old days that we are still together so what I am trying to say that I couldn’t imagine my life without her love and friendship.

I don’t know if I will ever be able to count my true friends on two hands, but I think that my friends are worth counting twice. I would help them move the body anyday.

Friends don’t go AWOL. they’re just there, waiting for you to reach out for them when needed. once you’ve already had that bond, no matter what happen, no matter how far you are from each other, still a friend is a friend.

live, love, breathe, keep meeting new friends, new bonds. at 31 still there’s a lot of things to do. I still had 69 years to go through, i’ll make it worth while and share it to the people I value

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