The Bitter Truth About My Company

Big fat paychecks, ass-kissing employees, fucked-up policies, false hopes and no-talent wannabes – THE BITTER TRUTH ABOUT MY COMPANY

The bitter truth, realities and facts about this (poser) corporate company.

1. Employees who have big fat paychecks – but they have no-talent, no drive, often slacks off, talks the talk but cannot walk the damn walk.

2. Ass-Kissing employees – C’mon guys you be honest to your fucking selves. You know how this works, you mingle with those guys up top try to be so cool like them, act cool, look cool, agree on everything what they say even if it’s so damn wrong and sometimes, well I hope it doesn’t get to the point – literally kissing their ass. LOL

3. Fucked-Up Policies – What do i mean with this? You know policies which only benefits to those who are up top. What about the manpower who gives you truck loads of fucking cash!? Credits? Merits? Those who are already up top gets all of it. Trust me. I know this.

4. False hopes – BOSS: Oh hey Mr. Supervisor I’m gonna give you something at the end of the month consider it your bonus as for your so damn fine work here at our company. Are you excited? *the boss is all smiles* MR. SUPERVISOR: Thank You sir, yes I am really excited I promise to be more productive! *Mr. supervisor all smiles and so fucking excited* AFTER ONE MONTH MR SUPERVISOR IS STILL EXCITED. ANOTHER MONTH GOES ON. MR. SUPERVISOR: Boss about the thing that you will be giving me *last month* what about it? BOSS: Oh really? what was it again? I totally forgot? refresh my memory. *All smiles* MR. SUPERVISOR: Oh ok sir. Nevermind. No worries. *Smiling but totally fucking pissed*

5. No-Talent Wannabes – Talks the talk but can’t walk the walk. Piece of advice Talk is cheap brother. Follow before you lead.

These are JUST some of the fucked up things i hate in this (poser) corporate company. Bullshit!

Thanks for ruining my morning.

– Fuckness

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