My being 31

How true the saying that age is just a number, it is still a number. Not to everybody but to some people at least. For me, yeah, it is just a number, and yeah, it is also a big deal sometimes, especially during my “hormonally imbalanced” days. Hehehe. Whatever that means…

My 31st year had been not easy. It’s like I’ve been to a roller coaster ride for so many times for the past year. The ride had been full of bumps & humps, ups and downs. Too many times, I’ve shed so many tears & faced so many fears. I’ve struggled to be strong amidst the rejection, betrayal & confusion.

It was completely unforgettable because of the things & people I lost this year. Together with it were the confusion, letting go, acceptance & moving on parts. Purely hell!!! For the most parts I guess, but not totally coz there were so many people who loves me, who believes in me & who’s always there for me.

But hey, here I am, I had survived being 31… And I’m now looking at another year in my calendar. Wonder what’s waiting and store for me this time. With my work, & upcoming love (cross fingers!), there’s an endless possibilities.

Like everybody says, Life goes on…

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  • aaron  On August 24, 2008 at 5:59 am

    31? still a long way to go and there’ll be a lot of things to come. just like you’ve said endless possibilities. now i am wondering now that i am on my way to being 31 LOL (8 years to go)how will i be? lemme just point you out on some things. friends don’t go AWOL. they’re just there, waiting for you to reach out for them when needed. once you’ve already had that bond, no matter what happen, no matter how far you are from each other, still a friend is a friend.

    live, love, breathe, keep meeting new friends, new bonds. at 31 still there’s a lot of things to do. you still have 69 years to go through, make it worth while and share it to the people you value.

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