Still hApPy

When a person is happy it shows in his face, in his words, in his moves. It transpires in the way he thinks, acts and talks.

I am always writing about happiness or being happy lately… I guess, I just am.

My life is not yet that steady… It’s still difficult… I still have the hang-ups and the insecurities. I still hope, wish and dream for a better me and a better life. I guess it would never be perfect. But the important thing is that I have a perfect attitude in this imperfect life of mine.

It would always have both the good and the bad, and in between it’s up to me on how to balance it. On how it would make me happy. All the time. Is it possible? So much!

I thought that life is so complicated. It is. That life is so hard. It still is. But no matter, it is just always us who’s making it complicated and difficult for us. If we always think it that way, it would be.

Smile. Think positive. Feel happy. And you would be. Just I am.

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