Unique Always

The below post may not be related to me itself and can be associated with any normal individual.

In any kind or form of relationship the relative values shared between two living beings is always unique. A father shares a different kind of relationship with his daughter than with his Son. In the same way a mother shares a unique relationship with her son and daughter. A National geographic TV channel freak can also notice the same among animals.

But, why do one share unique kind of relationship value with everyone? May be this is the one form of differentiating the relationship that we share with lot of other people. As the word unique itself says with its first two letters “U” n “I” and both are unique.That is the reason when someone leave us behind and decides to move on themselves it hurts a lot. The depression mounts and we feel that is the end of our Life. Because we identified ourselves with that person is so unique that we cannot get related with other person in the similar way. As finger prints are used to decode one’s identity,in the similar way the relationship is identified by its uniqueness.

Relationship is a finger print on the promicious note called life, where two living beings mark their prints through the secret relative values shared between them. Neither one can replicate the print on the same promicious paper nor it will be similar. To fork a new relationship a new note with a different mark is needed.
when we meet a person , and they win over our hearts we do distinctly associate with them. May be with their Smile,Lips,Face or Voice and we reap beautiful dreams of spending time or even life together and this relationship one cannot recreate with someone else.

Unique is the reason why someone finds difficult to choose a relationship. May be everyone should understand that we do share a unique type of relative values
and time decides how strong our Uniqueness is………

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