A Open Letter

So you think this is such a bad year? Why? Coz you cried a lot? Coz you felt trapped, alone, lonely? Yes, you may be alone at the moment but you’re definitely not lonely!

You hurt someone? You hurt him so bad that he had to get out of your life so he could forget you…but, hey, be thankful that you had the courage to admit the truth than to go on with the charade. A lot of people didn’t have half the courage you had.

You did lost a lot this year but never think of them as losses. People are meant to be mobile. So don’t be surprised if there are some who walk in and out of your life. Just be thankful you met them.

You might be thinking of someone at the moment. You might be confused with your feelings. You might get irritable of other people because of this confusion. You might solicit advice from other people whom you think could help you.

But you know what?

When the time comes for you to decide what to do about what you feel, I will be your decision and that will be final. Once you’ve made that decision, not even the president could mandate you to change it. Just follow your heart.

Life isn’t fair and nothing is permanent. Learn to treat each person like a fragile glass. Hold them steadfastly but don’t cling to them too tightly. Treasure each moment as if it were your last. Then, perhaps you’ll be able to enjoy life and live it like the way you used to.

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