Text messages and My side comments

Just a few text messages I received today and my side comments:

I learned how to love without expecting anything in return. For a while, it
felt good but soon enough, I had to stop. Why? Because the more I love the
person, the more I lose myself. And the saddest part of it all is finding myself
again, when I already know that I can no longer feel “whole” because a part of
me went astray with the very person I love and have to forget…

I think the sad part is not finding yourself but losing yourself and in the process you lose your heart as well. And after a while, you begin to wonder whether you’ll still be capable of loving another person again not because you lose trust in people but because your heart is still somewhere else…

Somebody once asked me, “how do you hold on to love?” I answered, “with
your hands wide open, your palms facing upward, your heart ready to let go and
let the other grow.” And that somebody asked, “what if it hurts you?” I smiled
wistfully and said, “then it means you’re doing it right”.

Unconditional love?

Here’s a sweet truth: someday, someone will walk into your life and make
you realize why it never worked out with anyone else…

*raised eyebrow* not at the moment, I guess.

This message is a winner:

You know exactly what to do but your afraid to try… Im I right??? 


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