Hehehe….gago talaga ako! it’s just now that i realize andami ko pa lang friends. i thought i am such a bad person and that nobody  loves me at all, but contrary to that pala, there’s a lot of people that cares for me. people whom i didn’t expect to consider me as somebody important to them. naks! hehe!

Past days, i was like a call and text operator coz man! Peeps keep on txting me and calling me. asking me if how am i coping up with some issues of my life. di ko nga alam that they knew all about that. hehehehe…. maybe a friend of mine who knew relay it to one of our common friend and so on and so forth.

hellooo….peeps, friends, comrades, best friends I AM OK TALAGA!

so thank you friendships. don’t you worry at all. i am not going into any dramas na. it’s time to move on and continue life di ba. Life goes on ika nga ni tupac.  nyahaha ….next question please. hehehehe….!

New love, new inspiration, new source of happiness. Madaming pwedeng gawin… Enjoy life…

Always Remember… Just be yourself because you can’t be anybody else… (”,)


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