Burials: Land of/for the Dead

Why do we have to reserve precious estate for something or someone that doesn’t have any use for it? Couldn’t we think of another way of disposing the remains of the departed without having to use up so much land like today’s cemeteries? Why even put up a mausoleum the size of a low cost housing for a dead person? Come on, the population’s growing, and the world’s getting crowded. I mean, can you picture yourself fighting over a piece of land with a dead guy? That’s right, a dead guy!

Cremation is a good alternative, albeit expensive. Catacombs are fine since the remains are arranged in a manner that doesn’t occupy too much space.

Come on, let’s not bury somebody in a structure so big you could divide it into rooms, as if the dead would actually still need a place to get around. Why would we still be like the Ancient Egyptians who’d spend oh so much to build something just for a cadaver? And for the guy who’s suppose to be dead or will be dead, give me a break! You’re dead, for crying out loud and I can’t believe that you’d still want your body in a house with marble floors, stained glass windows and all. As if you’d actually still be alive to brag about it. And don’t even get me started on your coffin!

Why do we even give such sentiment towards a carcass? Why do we have to retain/preserve the vessel of the soul that has already departed? I just don’t understand how the living is able to pay respect/tribute to the departed by merely keeping their decomposing body. If we’re supposed to pray for the soul(s) then why are we praying in the presence of a corpse?

That’s why, when I die I, I want be cremated (that is if I could afford it, hehe). It is because I believe that the world, vis-a-vis the land, should be left for the ones who’d benefit from it and need it most—the Living.

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  • ressie  On July 20, 2008 at 5:13 pm

    if i die, i want to be burned and throw my ashes in the air. so that i could fly all round the earth.

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