Gangsta Rap

I don’t enjoy rap as much as I did before, and I think its because of gangsta rap. My eyes have gone sore from watching their videos showing nothing else but women they call bitches that got their bosoms and backs packed, guys wearing jerseys and bling-blings, in their low-rider cars, etc..

And the lyrics– seems like most are nothing more but rantings packed with the infamous ‘F’ word. Rappers telling stories on how they were/are discriminated. Oh so you had it bad have you? You’ve gone through tough times & situations? Well if it makes you feel better, it’s not only you, it also happens to the rest of us. So can you please stop your whining coz we all had our tough times & rough days too? You claim that you’re just merely telling your life’s story in your songs but it sounds more like you’re promoting bad behavior (drugs, calling women bitches, violence, etc).

Bling-blings, bongs, bitches, you being a player and everybody else being a loser… You’re not like them/us? They/we dont understand you? Geez after hearing all those cusses I suddenly lost interest and dont give much damn about you. Shizzle dizzle on yo fizzle? Say what? I see your colloquialism as a a sign that you have very limited vocabulary; illiteracy, or dont you even know what that means? You dont know how to describe and express certain things so you just make up your own words. But its not all bad… for you (the rapper) that is, coz inspite of your grammatical limitations, others catch on to your vernacular.. or should I just use a simple word like ‘lingo’ so you’d understand? I think that that is the result of skipping school & unwillingness to take studies seriously coz you believe school is uncool.

Dont get me wrong, I still like rap in general. Its the shallow, cuss-filled gangsta rap that I’ve grown tired of. Tone down on the profanity, dawg! Ah-ight? I do still listen to your music coz I like the rhythm & beat. Its just that everytime I start to see its music video, its appeal to me diminishes quite considerably.

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  • Cheryll  On July 15, 2008 at 7:20 pm

    I believe this is too strong words of emotions about GangSta RaP, but I think you have a point right there my man…(hehehe) I somehow feel the same way!!! keep postin’ your blogs… seems interesting to me I like to read some more of your insights….goodluck

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