Screw the rich, To hell with the poor

From another frustrated middle class worker– me.
Screw the rich! Screw the rich for looking down on me as a middle class, for looking at me like some kind of pathetic, trying-hard, social-climbing, wannabe. I’m not like that. I’m not trying to be like you. Heck, I dont wanna BE you; You arrogant, flamboyant, self-centered, greedy, selfish, prick. If there’s one thing about you that I want to be, its just simply to be rich, period.

And dont get me wrong, I’m not a pathetic hopeful loser who wants your recognition or acceptance. I dont hang out with you just to make myself look “good” in front of my other peers or anybody else for that matter. I’m not after your money or any of your material possessions. I’m not sucking up to you, hoping that I might get something in return for being your yes-man. I dont play “”kiss ass”, so dont you ever slap/rub your money on my face thinking that you can buy me out/off to make me change my opinions or beliefs.

Screw the [filthy] rich, especially the elite. The rich that tries to ACT humble by saying that owning acres of land is not yet considered as being rich. Screw you, thats what we Filipinos call “kaplastikan“. Who the hell are you trying to fool? As for you rich people in politics, I can see through your pathetic fake philantropist image. I may be naive but I’m not stupid. Screw the rich that have political influence, and authority, for abusing power and by making a fool out of the less fortunate. The rich who lie about their income and dont even pay their taxes.

To hell with the poor! The poor who demonizes me (as a middle class). Who looks at me as if I’m an evil rich tyrant (read: mata pobre). The poor who keeps thinking that every hardship they encounter has something to do with the fact that I’m rich(er) and they’re poor(er); the ones who keeps on telling me “porke’t mayaman ka lang e“. Whatever our arguement might be, it has nothing to do with our socio-economic differences. The way you think is quite similar to an African-American who keeps on crying “racism” everytime they feel like theyre being “oppressed”. I’m sick and tired of your whining, yapping, and nagging. You keep blaming the government for your demise when it should be clear that you brought the poverty problem upon yourselves.

You have the nerve to raise a family knowing very well that you could hardly even feed yourselves. Wear a damn condom! Its cheaper and more practical than having hungry mouths to feed. You dont have to have undergone schooling to figure that out!

My message to your children: Dont believe what your parents say. It is not the government that has put you where you are now, its your parents. They brought you up expecting you to be the one to get them out of poverty selling stuff on the streets. WTF?! Thats child labor!

To hell with the poor that expects “special consideration” from the authorities and the court of law; always keep on saying “mahirap lang po ako“. So what?! It shouldnt make any difference if you ever violated the law. Quit saying something like “Nagha-hanapbuhay na nga ako e, buti nga’t di ako nagnanakaw…” Well, thank you (and thank god for small favors) but illegal vending is STILL illegal vending, and a traffic violation is STILL a traffic violation! Like they say, justice/the law is blind, hence, it dont (and it shouldnt) give a rat’s ass about your economic status.

The richer are getting richer (usually through dirty politics in both government AND business). The poor are not getting poorer but rather just growing in numbers.

As for the middle class? Some are still trying to survive. Some left the homeland for greener pastures. Their numbers are decreasing, some succeeded in life and became one of the upper class while some fell into poverty and became one the lower class. I (as a middle class) am a vanishing breed, an endangered specie of society perhaps?

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  • richboygonemad  On July 20, 2008 at 5:26 pm

    stop being so mean with the rich people. one day , if ever you’ll be in that position. you’ll be that mean too. like me. jejejejeje.

  • OceaksScaddet  On August 9, 2008 at 8:35 pm

    Thanks for the post

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