should we let the pain remain in our hearts?

Its true that most of us willingly consent to what we see as right in our eyes. We follow the dictates of our hearts and stubbornly become slaves to our own feelings and desires. We fail to think rationally and blindly ignore the “red stop light” that warns us of peril ahead. We may have been victims of ignorance but when the truth is finally revealed to us, we still choose to remain noncholant and care less about the consequences of our actions.There are those who were misled into believing that a relationship was right and there are those who knew that it was a sin right from the beginning. BUt many of us, even after knowing we’re going the wrong way still choose to take the chance and persistently stay on that road, even if we know of the danger that lurks in its path. God always puts a red stop light along our journey to remind us that we are going to hurt ourselves if we stubbornly move on. But He doesnt put a physical barrier to keep us in place. In the end, it is still our choice based on our own free will to stop what is wrong and move on with what is right .

For a time, we seem to have found our place in others life. But it wasnt a place we can call our own. We choose not to become a part of it not because it was what our heart wanted us to do but because it was what our conscience was telling us.

Always remember that pain will always be the foundation of beautiful things that are yet to come. There can never be life without love but then again, there can never be love without pain. Just like the song…let the pain remain to make us strong, so we may able to look back where love has gone and look ahead where love will come again.

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