Memories of the past

This is the most memorable article on this Blog, this is my story… my past love… Please read it from beginning to end…

There is a poem that goes:

“There is only one story A boy loved a girl then the girl loved him back Then the boy stopped loving the girl but the girl kept on loving the boy. “

“There is only one story A girl loved a boy then the boy loved her back Then the girl stopped loving the boy but the boy kept on loving the girl.”

The truth is simple, we do not die of love We only wish we did…

When I first read this poem, I was critical of this dudes concept of love. But experience has led me to revisit this theory that there is no such thing as a constant, undying love. People fall in love and then they fall out of love.

For almost 5 years ago, I fell in love and she loved me back. for sure, 101 percent guaranteed. We had a great relationship that lasted for about 2 ½ years. In those 2 ½ years, we kept two simple rules that defined our relationship. These were “No complications” and “Just good memories”. Simply put, I was happy. Truly…

Mid-way into the relationship, my girlfriend got a degree in College which was to be taken in Manila. Ok, at this point you’re probably thinking “Long distance relationship! That never works….. I’ve heard this story before”. Bytheway I’m from Bulacan. Well, for my part, I just had to analyze and figure out what really happens, the truth behind it all. And besides, it’s my article so you might as well just read on. {Please} grrrrrr!!!! hehehe.

So anyway, she couldn’t pass off a chance like that and besides, I wouldn’t let her miss out on that opportunity (I’m a good boyfriend you know, yeah baby!), so she took it. So for the next 6 months, she was going to spend most of her time in Manila, were she was studying. which, for both of us, was easy to manage. It was near (about 3 hours travel… hahaha) and there was no time difference. Also, the ticket was somewhat affordable for about 300 pesos back and fort which by that time I don’t had a permanent work, so its a big deal for me… you know… (“,) For us, her Studying in Manila was the real challenge. She will met different kinds of monkey.. you know!… whahaha. Peace!

Every good thing must come to an end, so as the months went by, the inevitable happens. One morning she wakes up and realizes that she does not love me anymore. {fucked it}Joke!(“,). I’m not so sure when the falling out actually starts, but I think for her it started toward the end of her stay in Manila. So how did I react to that? Well, I stayed in love with her (Trust me, if you knew her, that isn’t hard to do). Actually, I was not really sure (During that time at least) if she fell out of love for me, or at least I tried to deny it. I was still hopeful that when she comes home, she will realize it was just the distance. Well, I was wrong, she did fall out, and  to best describe how that made me feel….. Eeeeeeyyyyyooooouuuuch!!! Trust me, I’d rather have my pinky finger cut off than go through that again……. Or maybe not. Whahaah…

Well, being only human, it was only natural that I ask questions like, What happened? (Loser) What did I do wrong? (Loser x2) What do I do to get her back? (Loser x10). So what did I get, the answer I’ve been dreading….. “I don’t love you anymore! And you just have to accept that…..” Picture this, a 5’8”-foot tall, 150-lbs…..ok fine! 160lbs (It was the holidays you know), extremely good looking (Don’t argue, its my article… hahaha) man being devastated emotionally by a 5’5″ ft tall lady with her cute little smile. Only one thing I can say about that……Pathetic! The worst time of my life….. well, maybe second to when I had to wipe the old mans ass …….. It was really bad. sheyttt!….(“,)

So now, here I am on my bed, pounding away on my fucking laptop at 3 in the morning, the 5th of March on a brand new year. I am asking…. actually more like demanding, an answer from my maker, asking him how in the world do you handle such creatures? Then just like that, an answer. You see, in order to better understand the aspects of falling out of love, you  have to go back to its roots which is falling in love. You will realize that it starts and ends as a mystery. When we fall in love, we can’t explain it, it just hits you. The feeling, the emotion all of a sudden become so real to you that you just can’t help it. It is like a flame is ignited within you. And you do not reason with that, you just know its there.

Falling out of love happens in the same manner. Before you know it, that flame is gone, it just dies down. Why? Well, just like falling in love, we can’t tell what exactly causes it. You just know it… feel it and you cant argue with it. Take my case for example. I did not do anything wrong. All I did was love her the best I could. But human nature took its course (Her human nature). It just found an end. So what can I say “Life goes on”…

In any given relationship, the flame of love dies down at a given point. In fact, the real question should be, between the two of you, whose flame dies down first? You see, it’s part of human nature. We adapt and we evolve, we tend to change with the environment. The forces that encourage such change are all around us and we cant stop it. No one is really to blame, its just the way things are. Ok, I know there are a lot of reactions out there at this point. Please, stay calm, and read on.

So, how do you make a relationship work? How do you make it last? Two words; Commitment and Responsibility. No, its not a commitment to love that person, but rather the commitment to be part of the betterment of the other individual. You don’t commit to the love but rather commit that you will be part of the growth of your partner. And please take note that it should be both ways, because if it is only one way, its not a relationship. It’s more like an illness or a psychological problem. As for responsibility, you should be responsible for your commitment and not for the other person. And, in order to maintain both, all you need is maturity. You see, this is what makes most real relationships last. As the other person improves and develops, you fall in love all over again, and the cycle goes on until there is no room left to fall out of love. As for married couples, family and children are the additional commitments. Most married couples know this, and sometimes, its all that keeps them together, not love.

Ok, I’m not really what you call an “expert” on the subject. I just happen to be an analytical genius. Please do not argue with that, just read on. In my case, we were both living our own lives over miles apart. How in the world do you keep up with each other’s growth as a person in that case? No technology or communication standard can fix that?… unless somebody speeds up the development of the molecular transporter or something like that. We were on different worlds with different lives, so it was really inevitable that one of us was going to give way. Unfortunately for me, it was faster on her part because she was the one who was starting out on a new environment, so the pace of change was much faster for her. So I can’t blame her….. that witch! ….just kidding, there really is no reason to get mad at her. The forces of change are much stronger on her side. It’s not like she planned the whole falling out of love thing, it’s just her being human. If I cant live with that, I should have ended up with a more subhuman life form…..not at all complicated (weird is more like it….imagine dating a goat). whahaha.. (“,)

So what should a person do? Fall in love. Why? Well, it’s what defines our humanity, as much as getting hurt (emotionally) does. But please, do not expect or wait to fall out when you are in a relationship. Let nature take its course, just be ready to feel the pain of loss or the difficulty of inflicting pain (remember, it’s not your fault), either way, it’s emotionally excruciating. Or better yet, make that commitment…because if it works out, it will be your life fulfillment.

As for me…….well ladies, I’m available. I write and think this way, but I am not gay… me. I’m just too emotional in person. You can reach me through……just an idea… Well I’m doing ok, I miss her a lot, but it will go away soon. Like I told her, my only consolation right now is that I know she will be ok and that she is happy with what she is doing (Told you I was a good boyfriend, whahaha.. cool). Well, like I always say, Its all good.

So, before I close, a message to my ex girlfriend….

It would have been a beautiful wedding. Peace!!!!

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  • aaron  On June 12, 2008 at 10:50 am

    kudos to you! just live life with no regrets. life has no speed limits. floor it. LOL it would’ve been a beautiful wedding.

  • shaira_22  On June 12, 2008 at 11:02 am

    What a story…your message is very inspiring and i learn from it…but one thing u shud remember…whatever happens to ur life…never ever Question our creator coz everything thats happen to us has a reason and instead of blaming and questioning his will, we have to be thankful coz He let us experience such kind of things…which is to love and be loved…just be thankful coz somehow it helps u to be strong and the next time u have a love problem u can easily manage it…coz u learn from the past…God is so good…coz he made humans as weak coz he wants us to search for his true kingdom where we can serve him biblical base and not just because that’s what we want…..thanks for sharing ur story…I know there is someone who really deserves for ur love…take care!

  • Ruby Rose  On July 1, 2008 at 11:34 pm


  • Ruby Rose  On July 1, 2008 at 11:36 pm

    Aray tinamaan ako…ouchhhh!!!..hehehe

  • Carmela  On July 5, 2008 at 6:20 pm

    What a wonderful story… full of pain but full of love in your heart… very inspiring.

    I hope & pray that you would already find the right girl & the right love that you deserve.

    You have so much love & care to give and any girl would be lucky to have you.
    I just hope that girl would realize it soon. =)
    Nweis, just dropping by to say thank you for this wonderful story..

    Continue to rock on! =)

  • Lacy  On July 7, 2008 at 5:41 pm

    Whoever wrote this article… you are amazing! I truly love reading your story from beginning to end. Very Inspiring. I think the story doesnt have an ending yet. Im waiting for the time when you would post your new love story here again. It would be now a beautiful wedding.. haha. I hope someday I read that you already found your love that you truly deserved. I agree on the recent comment on this article. She is right. You had so much love to give an any girl would be lucky to have you… Keep it up.. Love your work! (“,)

  • Fibby  On July 17, 2008 at 3:29 am

    Don’t try to choose wrong over right.. you’re not stupid, you just loved the wrong person.. know what?, I experienced the same thing, I waited for the man I love inspite of the fact that he can’t love me back, regardless of how long it will take… at first I can live through this, after which I’ve recognized that it’s not really enough to love
    someone and wait that he can love us back… don’t make yourself stupid. once, my friend left me with these words, hope it cud help you too.. “it’s all in your mind, right person will cross your way at the
    right time, God has always a great plan for
    us” =)

  • sweetbutterfly09  On July 19, 2008 at 10:45 am

    I know how you feel… it sucks when you love someone and they just don’t feel the same way for you. I”ve been in that situation and I can tell you from experience that some people just never change. Sometimes I feel as if some people are just not meant to have love in their lives, or just haven’t found the right person. The one thing I can say to you is not to give up on love if this person doesn’t love you back then it’s time to move on. Find someone that will love you the way you deserve don’t wait for that person to have a change of heart because it may never come. Being with someone and loving that person is the greatest feeling anyone can ever experience, but only when the feeling is mutual from both sides. Don’t feel bad cuz others will come your way sooner or later and you will look back at this as a bad moment in your life. GOODLUCK.

  • Littlemisswallflower  On July 19, 2008 at 10:52 am

    It’s often not very simple to just up and stop loving someone. But the mind is a very powerful thing. And if you simply keep reminding yourself that you’re wasting your time, eventually things will get easier.

    I stopped loving someone because I thought they didn’t love me back.

    But a year later
    here we are.
    And he does love me.
    So if it’s meant to be, it’ll find a way. No need to stress yourself over something that you have no real control over.

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